Celebrate Nurses Our Everyday Heroes with Nurse Jobs Ireland

Nurse Jobs Ireland want people to show their Thanks & appreciation for Nurseswho made a difference to their lives

SO please leave your Comment of  Thanks & Appreciation

We want you to leave comments of Thanks for Nurses who have made a difference to yours or a loved one’s Life!

Nurses are the quiet hero’s that walk among us everyday and they deserve to be Thanked and appreciated for the amazing work they do Everyday.

Anybody who has been touched by the kindness of a Nurse and feels they want to share their story….

394 Comments on “Celebrate Nurses Our Everyday Heroes with Nurse Jobs Ireland

  1. When your feet are weary your back is aching You havent ate or peed all day…..
    Look for the gratitude in your patients eyes They might not always be able to tell you but you mean the world to them

  2. Wonderful idea!! Celebrate the nurses who are keeping our health care system afloat by their hard work and dedication!!

  3. Thank you to the knowledgeable and hard worker Irish Nurses. Your sense of humour, your willingness to provide care and positive attitudes have certainly helped many Australians in Sydney.

  4. I’m grateful for all the wonderful nurses who took exceptional care of me while I was in the hospital recently. They went above and beyond for me.

  5. Nurses do a wonderful job….
    You never think about it until you need them, but when you need them… they are there!!
    Thank you for your care!
    You make the world a better place!

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