Messages of Thanks

The positive #CelebrateNurses comments that you shared on Twitter, Facebook and our website will be collated here for you to read. These comments will be and have been shared with nurses around the country and they have certainly brightened their day!  

58 Comments on “Messages of Thanks

  1. I am from Bulgaria and I’ve got just few things to say in my country this is very invaluable to be a nurse but for me as a human being this is the most satisfying job. I would love to thank everybody who helped me in my professional career. And just to tell Nurses are great 😀

  2. My Owen had a heart attack when he was 45. The nurses in the ward at Waterford Hospital were terrific. They were so professional and completely on top of their brief. I think they saved his life. I was never so grateful. My own experience of nurses is equally great. I remember when I was totally exhausted, a nurse looked after me in DL hospital and it lifted me completely becuase I was so down dealing with Owen’s Alzheimers. I have never forgotten that kindness in that hospital that morning. Maya Angelou said, “You will never forget how someone makes you feel.” She is right – completely.

  3. Thank you nursing ‘angels’ for your care and heartfelt support for people in a situations in life. May you always be blessed with wisdom and inspiration in your chosen but very demanding role. Public Health Nurse Blacktock, Carew House, St. Joseph’s Crumlin

  4. I would love to thank all the Nurses, especially the very special ones who became a part of our family, who supported myself and my beloved wife during my reconvalestation after traumatic series of surgeries.

  5. As a child I had to have surgery on my hip and I still remember the nurses coming in and playing with me while my mam went to get coffee. They made it a less stressful experience everyone and I’ll never forget it!

  6. I’d like to thank the nurse in Dr. O’Byrnes Surgery in New Ross. When she helped me get my first bloods taken by letting me know what to expect, easing my fear of needles.

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