Welcome to #CelebrateNurses

#CelebrateNurses is a positive recognition campaign that allows people to leave words of thanks, recognition and praise to nurses who have touched their lives – people they have cared for, worked with or mentored.  This website is the platform to celebrate nurses.  You do this by leaving a comment of thanks, a memory, an image or a blog and we will upload it onto the site and add it to our other comments. Read what people are saying here.    

Join our initiative and “Thank a Nurse Today”! Let’s #CelebrateNurses!!

How It Started:
#CelebrateNurses began its life as an internal CSR project of Nurse Jobs Ireland in 2012 – since that time it has expanded to become a nationwide project which we hope will spread internationally.

How to Get Involved:
This space is for the public to leave words of thanks and praise for nurses who have touched their lives. Nurses are then able to read and feel appreciated for the amazing work that they do. We also feel strongly about promoting nursing as a career choice and for safe guarding the future of the nursing profession.

The platform is accessible 24/7, 365 for you to leave your comments of thanks in our guestbook below.

Annually we create an e-book of these comments for nurses to read.  As well as this, during International Nurses Week May 6th to 12th annually we collaborate, facilitate and partner with our companies, community groups and employers to #CelebrateNurses and to create greater awareness of this global celebration of Nurses.

#CelebrateNurses Proudly created by www.NurseJobsIreland.com

168 thoughts on “Welcome to #CelebrateNurses

  1. Nurses are the backbone of hospitals, they do so much work that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend and they must be celebrated, appreciated and supported by the whole world.

  2. A big thank you to all the caring nurses who took care of me in Blackrock Clinic last December when I had my appendix removed. Everything you did for me is very much appreciated and you are all great.

  3. Thanks to atricia Burke, Maeve, Sandra Betty, Patricia Stokes, Caroline Lane and Declan Mulvey / Peamount Healthcare Newcastle Dublin .
    Thank you so much for being my mentors and teaching me to be humble.

  4. Thanks to all the gang at PICU ward in GOSH for all the hard work and long hours they do. Nursing is a vocation and they always provide the best care possible to all the patients. They manage to have a calming effect on their extended families and friends who may be in to visit these very sick children. Thank You

  5. A million thanks to all the nurses in portlaoise hospital who over the years looked after my family and to my daughter who chose this profession I salute you

  6. Words will never describe the job a nurse undertakes each and every day.
    Karen in the nurse manager in St. Joseph’s ward Crumlin. And she is an absolute Angel.
    Thank you to all the nurses!!

  7. To all our #nurses – thank you for chossing this career path, for excelling in the care you deliver amidst the difficulties of our healthcare system, thank you for always investing time in your patients and with their families. My niece spent a number of weeks being cared for by the lovely nurses in #CrumlinChildren’sHospital and told her mummy that ‘I am going to be a nurse when I grow up’ and I am going to work in Crumlin’

  8. Thank you for all that you do every day, to bring new life into this world. You are an amazing Nurse and amazing person.

    You work long shifts, day or night to stay with each mother on her journey to motherhood.

    Having a baby can be scary, you’re a mother yourself, you’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt and so through the tears and fears, you ease their thoughts.

    You deserve a great big thank you, for all the care you give to mothers and their babies.

  9. When my baby brother was younger he was in and out of Crumlin hospital quite a few times due to his severe nut allergy at the time. It was always so scary when he was rushed to the hospital! I’d like to thank the nurses for helping him in every way they could and for making him feel more at ease 🙂

  10. Working with nurses has been an honor this last year. My admiration has grown so much for people whose career centers around helping others. Thank you for all you do!

  11. To all the nurses in the Coombe especially in 2015 when I found myself there for 5/6 weeks! Especially bronagh who kept me sane . I am very grateful for the work you do , it’s very hard work and I for one appreciate you all.

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