Welcome to Celebrate Nurses!

#CelebrateNurses is a positive recognition campaign that allows people to leave words of thanks, recognition and praise to nurses who have touched their lives – people they have cared for, worked with or mentored.  This website is the platform to celebrate nurses.  You do this by leaving a comment of thanks, a memory, an image or a blog and we will upload it onto the site and add it to our other comments.

Join our initiative and “Thank a Nurse Today”! Let’s #CelebrateNurses!!

How It Started:
#CelebrateNurses began its life as an internal CSR project of Nurse Jobs Ireland in 2012 – since that time it has expanded to become a nationwide project which we hope will spread internationally.

How to Get Involved:
This space is for the public to leave words of thanks and praise for nurses who have touched their lives. Nurses are then able to read and feel appreciated for the amazing work that they do. We also feel strongly about promoting nursing as a career choice and for safe guarding the future of the nursing profession.

The platform is accessible 24/7, 365 for you to leave your comments of thanks in our guestbook below.

Annually we create an e-book of these comments for nurses to read.  As well as this, during International Nurses Week May 6th to 12th annually we collaborate, facilitate and partner with our companies, community groups and employers to #CelebrateNurses and to create greater awareness of this global celebration of Nurses.

#CelebrateNurses Proudly created by www.NurseJobsIreland.com

118 thoughts on “Welcome to Celebrate Nurses!

  1. Sarah Jane Williams May 10, 2017 — 4:37 pm

    Thanks to all the Nurses to help me with my mummy! Even if it’s just sitting with her while I run off to have a wee cry! xo

  2. I would like to thank all Nurses. I really appreciate your hard work!!

  3. Trying to leave a comment on post , am care assistant who worked with a great bunch of nurses today in CUISLE ward , st Patrick’s hosp . Fermoy , v v busy but such a productive day and so calm , thank u all nurses xx

  4. All at OACS Ireland would like to thank all the Nurses who have been excellent in the world of FACS /FVS and all the complex syndromes with it .
    A huge thank you to all you were my ROCK at the toughest of times.

  5. Although it’s 18 years ago. I never got to thank the nurses of the mater hospital . Who look after my mother in her last hours. But also for been so helpful ,kind and compassion to us in the time after my mam’s passing .

  6. Thank you to all the Nurses out there , you’s do fantastic work for you on a daily basis. We all appreciate it .Keep up the great work ❤ xxx

  7. To mark this special week, we would like to offer nurses and midwives a free and unique presentation on *CareGivers*. It might help to hear that you have the MOST STRESSFUL job of all !! We can meet you in Inchicore Dublin 8 or any place – and time – you choose. THANK YOU for everything you do.

  8. Caroline devlin May 12, 2017 — 7:24 am

    I would like to thank all the nurses on the crampton ward at tallaght hospital but most of all gladys she was an amazing help to us with our father at the end of his days will always remember them and her fondly thankyou so much

  9. Dr Michelle Mary McEvoy May 12, 2017 — 9:24 am

    Thanks to all the amazing nurses I’ve worked with over the years both at home and abroad, you do an amazing job and should be so proud of yourselves! We wouldn’t survive without all your hard work and dedication #celebratenurses

  10. Thanks to all the wonderful nurses who do such a great job, have witnessed it first hand with my brother who has had spinal surgery.

  11. Sarah B (Twitter) May 12, 2017 — 10:31 am

    Thank you to the Nurses all around the world!

  12. Thank you to all the Nurses for your undivided loving and careing that you give all year round. Ye truly are not thanked enough or paid enough for d wonderful job ye do. How lucky we and the doctors are to have ye .

  13. Orla Corcoran May 12, 2017 — 1:36 pm

    I would like to thank all nurses for their hard work, but i would like to give special thanks to the wonderful staff of St Brendans ward in the Bons Secour Cork who were beyond amazing to my father and to us for his last days. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts💛

  14. Thanking all my colleagues who were a great support durning my illness keep up the good work Nurses are fantastic

  15. Thanks for all the love!

  16. Adrienne Barber March 2, 2018 — 8:53 pm

    To all the nurses who have battled through the snow THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your dedication to your work and your patients is very much appreciated. You are the back bone of our health service and without you it would be in a worse state than it is currently.

  17. I would like to thank all the midwives at the Coombe who were fantastic during my labour to my daughter. They made me feel very relaxed and helped bring my baby safely into which I cannot thank enough them enough for xxXXxx ❤️❤️❤️

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