Messages of Thanks

Want your “Thank You” counted? Leave your message of thanks here, use the #CelebrateNurses on social media or check out the #ThankYou messages others have left. 

Write a thank you note, tweet, poem or essay, draw or paint a picture, Upload photos – whatever way you want to express your positive recognition of nurses – just add #CelebrateNurses to your creative endeavours.

We are delighted to have the support of Dessie Eillis – TD for Dublin North West for our 2022 #CelebrateNurses campaign. Leave your messages of thanks below to be included in our 2022 #CelebrateNurses E-book.

Thank Nurses!

#CelebrateNurses has a goal to ‘Capture Ireland’s Thank You’s’ to our Frontline Nursing Heroes on International Nurses Day May 12th using the hashtag #CelebrateNurses.

So please leave your comment of  Thanks & Appreciation, share a photo or a clip on social media using #CelebrateNurses or email us if you have a story you want to share

We want you to leave comments of Thanks for Nurses who have made a difference to yours or a loved one’s Life!

Tweet Your Words/Media to #CelebarteNurses

Nurses are our real heroes! Thank you for all your efforts! #CelebrateNurses #Ireland

Nurses are the quiet heroes that walk among us everyday and they deserve to be Thanked and appreciated for the amazing work they do Everyday.

Anybody who has been touched by the kindness of a Nurse and feels they want to share their story….

International Nurses Week

International Nurses Week is celebrated each year from May 6th to May 12th (Florence Nightingales Birthday) In this; the year of the Rising, let us rise to the challenge to get our Thank You messages trending in Ireland through International Nurses Week by tweeting using the #CelebrateNurses. We want our Nurses all over the world to know how appreciated nurses are in Ireland.

We, Nurse Jobs Ireland Team, are very proactive in driving positive recognition of nurses and the nursing profession in Ireland. This is especially true for International Nurses Day – 12 May.

To celebrate nurses, we will deliver a campaign the week of International Nurses Day, 6-12 May. We are gathering videos sent to Nurses showing support and gratitude.

How to Get Involved?

Make your short video (max. 90 seconds) using your mobile sharing your message with Nurses and we are going to share it with our Nurses on their day to show them all the support. We would be so happy if you could get involved.

To complement this initiative, If you would like to hold an event in your office or work place on May 12th to help Celebrate Nurses, ‘Celebrate Nurses’ will send you a pack to help celebrate your event. Get in touch with us at to receive your pack and be sure to send us pictures of your event to be added to the #CelebrateNurses Gallery! Be a part of this initiative and help us give thanks to Nurses!

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