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We are delighted to have the support of Dessie Eillis – TD for Dublin North West for our 2022 #CelebrateNurses campaign. Leave your messages of thanks below to be included in our 2022 #CelebrateNurses E-book.

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  1. As a child, I had a chronically ill parent and spent many evenings in the hospital. From experience I can say that nurses provide much more than just healthcare. For me, they’ve been a source of reassurance, support and strength. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Nurses in RDS PCR testing units for all their amazing work. They went above and beyond to help each and every person, including staff

  3. To all our brave nurses and care givers, We just want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and dedication during these difficult times.
    Your job usually takes courage and care
    But even more now during covid.
    With out your guys dedication, we would be lost. Thank you all so much

  4. Kathleen Logan Cashel house is a Great nurse goes above and beyond for the patients very professional

  5. Just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing nurses for all their hard work the last 2 + years! You’s are amazing!!

  6. Hi, I would like to nominate Nurse Olivia Hetherton for this award, representing herself and her colleagues in ICU unit Tullamore hospital.
    30th March 2020 I was transferred from Connolly hospital Blanchardstown to Tullamire Hospital , bed capacity had been reached hence the transfer, I had covid and was seriously ill. I was already ventilated and sedated and unaware of my transfer. I spent 43 days on a ventilator in the wonderful care of Olivia and her nursing colleagues. Unknown to me they were not only caring for me but also going way above their duties to keep in daily contact with my wife and family. They were so kind and positive even at the most difficult times during my illness. I left ICU on 15th May, to continue my journey back to health in Med 1 and Med 3, eventually returning home to Blanchardstown on 11th June 2020.
    As it’s impossible to thank Olivia and her nursing colleagues for their professionalism and care I hope this award would highlight how special and grateful myself and my family are to them.
    We met under very difficult circumstances but I am so glad and grateful to have made their aquentanence.
    Olivia and colleagues forever friends…
    Tim O Leary

  7. Nicola Conway is not only a very professional and hard working mental health nurse, but she has literally been my rock as I recovered after several weeks in hospital. I was told that I had a severe infection that was affecting me physically and mentally and I developed delirium. Nicola patiently stayed by my side as I slowly started gaining a grip with reality again. Through medication, therapy and her continuous encouragement I am now in a much better place with my mental health as well as my physical health and I am so grateful to Nicola for all the time she has invested in me.

  8. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment through such a difficult time thankfully your efforts which you do all year round have not gone unnoticed this time thanks again and be safe

  9. Julieann is a carer, works from early morning through to late evenings, very dedicated and can never refuse to see any client regardless.
    She is so helpfull, and brings a ray of sunlight with her to each person, extremelly gentel and so easy to talk to, never makes any client feel embarressed, as called by numerous people the angle sent from god

  10. I would like to nominate my husband Winston Oliver who is a orthopedic theatre nurse in tullamore regional hospital from the past 16 years. Winston is a very hardworking nurse,for him there is nothing important than his work.. His work starts at 8.30 week days but he makes sure he will be in theatre 8.15. There is not a single day gone when he reached late for work.
    He loves challenges and orthopedic theatre is a battle ground for challenges, where everyday brings something new for the staff..
    From the past 3 years covid brought real difficult days for theatre staffs where they have to move to wards and work out of what they are used to but he accepted that with a smile and never missed a day at work.
    For me he is a complete package of a nurse should be, he is honest, determine, fair and happy to work with everyone 😊
    He is working as a manager from the past 3 years and he treats everyone the same, he puts others before him in terms of taking tea breaks and holidays and keeps his staff happy..
    In a day challenge where he has to deal with short staff and running the theatre smoothly he does it perfectly by keeping everything in mind. His staff and doctors absolutely adores his and salute him for his dedication towards his work and I would love to see his work recognised by everyone 😊

  11. There are and have been nurses in my family (in Canada), and I am always in awe of the work they do, on wards and as trainers of other nurses. In Ireland, I had to be in hospital for two days for a surgery, and the nursing staff were brilliant! The nurses and the aides and other workers who work alongside them give so much of themselves in their care of patients. Never has this been more apparent than over the last two+ years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Big hearts too all the nursing staff in Ireland and around the world!

  12. Huge thank you to all the Mater nurses, including our HCAs and all hospital staff working hard to keep our patients safe and well looked after. You are all amazing, Happy Nurses Day!

  13. Nurses are the very bedrock of our health system; there for us when we are at our most vulnerable, and they go about their incredible work quietly and diligently each and every day.
    All of us have had, at some point in our lives, occasions where we have needed the skills and assistance of nurses, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, with absolute certainty, that they make so many difficult moments more bearable and easier to endure.
    From a personal standpoint, I am very proud that my own daughter Ciara is a nurse so you will understand if I am being a bit biased here!
    It is only right that we celebrate our nurses- the very best of us, every single day

  14. Big thank you to all the nurse around the world but especially the nurses in St Vincent’s Hospital. What a job you do – AMAZING!

  15. Thankyou to all the wonderful nurses in Waterford regional hospital…..A special Thankyou to Natalie on the cherry ward and to gill and all the gyne nurses and midwifes. There is no words to describe how greatful I am to you all . You truly are Amazing.


    Our hospitals filled, to the core with people
    Our medical heroes, climbing this steeple
    They work so hard, in these daunting times
    To try to save lives, a life is so prime

    Their care first class, themselves in danger
    Without proper protection, to help a stranger
    Tears in their eyes, as people pass on
    No kin in their midst, they have to respond

    Their aching hearts, so hard every day
    To see this virus, come their way
    We have to salute, all our health care teams
    So giving, so loving, going to extremes

    To help us all, this way so selfless
    Minding our kin, when things seem hopeless
    I thank you so hugely, we’ll always treasure
    These memories of kindness, you’ve given beyond measure

    Aileen xx ❤️

    1. Big thanks to Nurse Dejana Deja who works in Bethany house nursing home in tyrrellspass for been a brilliant nurse, who is so kind and lovely to everyone

  17. This is for Eric Agustin a nurse on chestnut ward in clonskeagh cnu.Eric had no hesitation in just diving into work when we got our 1st covid positive case,we were limited with PPE ie. no face masks but Eric improvised and took great care of our resident.he was an inspiration to us all

  18. Thank you to all the nurses in the mater hospital Beaumont and temple street and all the nurses around the country and world helping people in difficult times you all do an amazing job thank you to you all x

  19. I wanna thank all the nurses in Temple street childrens hospital who have done an outstanding job through out this difficult time. Your hard work and determination hasn’t gone unnoticed to us you really are an inspiration. Thank you ❤️

  20. I would like to thank the nurses in the Mater Hospital who took care of my Granddad during is final days.

  21. So many reasons to #celebratenurses and again the amazing #nurses in #TullamoreHospital A&E showed they are my heroes for all their care under pressure – sincere thanks – #amazingnurses #lifechangers #lifesavers

  22. Thank you to all the nurses in St. Francis Hospice who took such great care of my Mam at the end of her life, it will never be forgotten.

    1. Thank you to all our amazing #nurses who work endless days looking after our families. When we are in hospitals, they are the ones we call out to! X

  23. I just want to say a big thank you to all the nurses out there and been brilliant been in the front line throughout the whole pandemic. I want to say a special thanks to the nurses in Beneavin Nursing home who made my Nana’s last couple of years as comfortable as possible. Thank you all once again.

  24. When I was in hospital it was a very upsetting time and the nurses were so kind and looked after me so well . I’ll always remember them they got me through it .

  25. The last 2 years you’ll have worked long hours, many away from your families – selflessly!! Words cannot express gratitude. Florence Nightingales we salute you!! Stay blessed!!

  26. Thank you for looking after my daughter. Your professionalism and cheerfulness made a difficult hospital stay much easier.

  27. I would like to extend the sincerest of gratitudes to the nurses that looked well after both me and my wife when we had to go to hospital last month. Thank you for everything you do and thank you for being the lifeblood of the health service.

  28. Thank you to all the nurse who looked after me when I was in hospital during my treatment. So grateful for their patience and gentleness with me.

  29. I’d like to thank all the nurses involved during my mum’s cancer treatment, which was a big help mentally.

  30. My message is for Eric Agustin nurse at clonskeagh cnu.when covid 1st hit clonskeagh cnu on chestnut floor there was limited PPE we had no face masks but we had a resident who tested positive and Eric was assigned to the resident, not once did he complain about PPE,Eric improvised by making a mask and took amazing care of the resident before they passed away.Eric was an inspiration to us all who worked during this very sad period

  31. like to thank all the nurses in st Francis hospice blanchardstown who looked after my auntie so well

  32. Like to say thank you to all the nurses in St Francis hospice in blanchardstown who looked after my sister they were so nice and caring thank you

  33. Thank you to all nurses you are all doing a great job a special thank you to all staff at St Francis Hospice Blancherstown

  34. We Inflict Pain to HEAL!
    In our minds we know it’s painful to get a prick, but don’t forget that “we inflict pain to heal”
    To get your wounds clean and heal healthily, “comes with pain”.
    To break a bad news about a lost one brings a lot of “psychological pain”.
    To get you tested for diagnostic purposes we must “inflict pain”.
    To get full immunity through vaccinations, we must “inject you” and it’s painful.
    Even through assessments when you are in coma/unconscious, we must “prick you” etc……………..

    Do you realize after going through those invasive procedures, your wounds are clean and healing well; you have strong immunity against specific diseases; comfort after thorough counseling……!
    These and many other procedures are our responsibilities to bring better Life and restore health to heal the world.
    Let us all join together to celebrate Nurses globally.
    We don’t just inflict pain, but to HEAL!

    Thank you!

  35. Kathleen Logan Cashel house She is an amazing nurse who goes above and beyond for the patients a wonderful lady

  36. want to say a big thanks to the nurses in St Frances Hospice Blanchardstown that looked after my sister so well !

  37. 2000 families with children who require around the clock care, supported by besr qualified and experienced nationwide nurses at Jack & Jill Foundation. Nurses and advocates, giving parents a break and empowering them to care for their sick child at home. No care like home care #celebratenurses

  38. Thanks to all the nurses in St Vincent’s Hospital recently, especially nurses in A&E and the Nutley Wing. You are AWESOME! X

  39. All at OACS Ireland would like to thank all the Nurses who have been excellent in the world of FACS /FVS and all the complex syndromes with it .
    A huge thank you to all you were my ROCK at the toughest of times.

    1. A big thank you to all the nurses who have worked tirelessly before, during and hopefully after the pandemic.

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