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Want your “Thank You” counted? Leave your message of thanks here, use the #CelebrateNurses on social media or check out the #ThankYou messages others have left. 

Write a thank you note, tweet, poem or essay, draw or paint a picture, Upload photos – whatever way you want to express your positive recognition of nurses – just add #CelebrateNurses to your creative endeavours.

We are delighted to have the support of Dessie Eillis – TD for Dublin North West for our 2022 #CelebrateNurses campaign. Leave your messages of thanks below to be included in our 2022 #CelebrateNurses E-book.

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  1. We’ve all had that wonderful nurse who helped us through an on call #couldnotbewithoutthem #celebratenurses #nurseheroes

  2. Happy Nurses week to all you hard working Nurses! #Celebratenurses Tell Nurses why you’re thankful for them now! @NurseJobie

  3. Each and everyone of us has had that awful news that a loved one is ill. The fear ,shock and grief that be throws is un bearable. The questions that run through your mind is it serious ,will they survive ect. I can honestly say it is our Irish nurse that help us through . The stand on there feet 12 hrs a day sometimes longer to insure you and your loved is OK. They are our NATIONAL HERO’S.

  4. A big thank you to all the Nurses out there and the fantastic work they do for us in a daily basis 😊#CelebrateNurses #IND2017

  5. Thanks to all Nurses at Tallaght Hospital for making me comfortable! I appreciate your hard work. x

  6. Thanks to all the nurses in the Mater hospital who helped my Dad both before, during and after his heart transplant. Myself and my Mam will always be grateful that he is still here today thanks to you all.

  7. Thanks to ALL the nurses out there, for your endless hardwork, cheerfulness and the kind words that always seems to be at hand. 💖

  8. Awesome work that nurses do everyday – great to have a page where you can leave words of thanks. My thanks go out to the nurses in St. Luke’s in Rathgar who were simply fantastic in their care for my grandad when he was battling cancer. #celebratenurses!!!

  9. A heartfelt congratulations to all the hard work done by the Nurses all over Ireland 🙂 #CelebrateNurses

  10. Nurses are amazing they took such good care of my late parents when they were ill and they couldn’t thank or praise them enough

  11. Thank you to all the Nurses in CUH for looking after my family and friends through the years . Celebrate Nurses 🌼🌸😀

  12. To all the Nurses I work with in Coolmine Therapeutic Community. Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  13. I can’t thank all the Nurses enough for all the hard work and love they showed my mother when she was desperately ill. You are the most admirable, inspiring group of people in this country and deserve every joy and happiness in life. Thank you xx

  14. To all the nurses who took such good care of my little girl Eva while she was in Crumlin Children’s hospital in an isolation room for 5 days, you were all so lovely. One nurse in particular always sang Let it Go from Frozen with her, she thought she was the best! You are all Super Heroes!!

  15. Thanks to all the nurses in UCH Galway who looked after my uncle in Jan and also to the nurses in Castlebar who looked after my dad especially the support they showed our family with what was going on. Forever grateful x

  16. To all nurses – work colleagues (St Michael’s Hospital Dun Laoghaire) and caring for my and my family at home and away – you are special, you do a special job and you do it well, Thank You.

  17. Nurses are the unsung heroes of the hospital, along with the other support staff who may never get any credit. The nurses have cared for my dad so diligently in the hospital and now the nursing home. They made sure my mom was looking after herself and coping okay

  18. Very proud to have known a nurse who went above and beyond for everyone, the most selfless person I have ever met. She helped so many people, a real inspiration! And to all the amazing nurses who looked after her in Beaumont and Blanchardstown hospital when she herself needed care, thank you!x

  19. I spent 10 weeks on St Brigid’s Ward in Beaumont Hospital. I have MS and had a severe relapse which left me temporarily unable to walk. The nurses and student nurses there are all exceptional and I feel so lucky to have had such fantastic care

  20. All nurses are amazing for the work they do and the care and support they give to all our loved ones!!
    A special mention to my super hero nurse, Lisa Loughnane, for the work and care she gives to everyone in need, inside and outside the hospital. She goes above and beyond everyday, and I’m so proud of her!! xxx


  22. To all the nurses in the Mater Hospital who cared for my Dad in his final days – 2013…Thank You…

  23. A special thanks to my Renal Nurse Elaine Dennehy , KGH, for supporting and guiding me through my kidney failure, dialysis and transplant & also my dialysis nurses who made the process of dialysis so much easier to cope with, you are all amazing. ❤

  24. To all the amazingly dedicated caring and professional nurses in Tallaght Hospital and the world- Thank you

  25. To all the Nurses, especially Paula in Nazereth House, Malahide Rd. Dublin. You do a great job!!!

  26. Thank you to all our nurses who work tirelessly to ensure our loved ones are taken care of #celebratenurses

  27. To all Nurses Thank you very much for the support and caring of the patients (Highfield Healthcare)

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