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Want your “Thank You” counted? Leave your message of thanks here, use the #CelebrateNurses on social media or check out the #ThankYou messages others have left. 

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We are delighted to have the support of Dessie Eillis – TD for Dublin North West for our 2022 #CelebrateNurses campaign. Leave your messages of thanks below to be included in our 2022 #CelebrateNurses E-book.

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  1. Thanks to all the nurses that work so hard everyday. Especially my best friend, Shauna, who manages to do an amazing job while raising a family.

  2. I would like to thank all the nurses in Temple Street, for all their support during very difficult time when my little girl had to have an operation at only 3 years old. They were their at every step of the way which gave me much comfort.

  3. Many thanks to all nurses for their dedication to their duties, and for their compassion .
    From a very thankful Mother & Daughter

  4. Special thanks to all Nurses who give their all to help make people better and in turn, bring much relief and happiness to their families. I have a beautiful healthy almost 13 year old niece who, with the aid of amazing medicine, Doctors and Nurses made a full recovery from Lukaemia. I’ll be forever grateful to you for that x

  5. My mother passed away in the exceptional care of the nursing staff of the ICU in Tallaght Hospital in May 2016 and knowing that the standard of care was so good is what makes me so thankful, we have already dropped a few cases of wine in as a thank you but I thought I would just send this message as well! Thank you for making my mam comfortable in her final weeks and days.

  6. Thank you to 2 very professional and caring nurses on the children’s ladybird ward in Cork University Hospital who looked after our child last year. Their fantastic communication skills made us feel informed, involved and safe, which led to a less stressful admission for us and our son. Thank You 😊

  7. Thanks to the nurses of Ireland, for their care and compassion ,not just for myself but for my family.
    Thank you all so much.

  8. This year, my little cousin started nursing school. She has always been quick to help and genuinely interested in the welfare of people and I believe that these qualities will make her a good nurse as they are qualities I’ve seen in so many members of the nursing profession. She reports that juggling classes, assignments and shifts isn’t easy and yet seems more motivated than ever to complete her studies and become a fully trained nurse. So this International Nurses Day I would like to thank you for putting in all the hard-work you have both before and after qualifying and thank you for being the inspiration you are!

  9. To all Nurses. Thank you for taking on such a tough career to care for those who need to be cared for. The late nights, long shifts and challenging work days are beyond the kinds of challenges I’ve known in my life so far. I am grateful for this fact, but equally grateful that should I ever find myself or my loved ones in this position, there will be a nurse there to provide the care. Thank You Nurses!

  10. Thank you to all nurses for their hard work.Your dedication to your work and to your patients is very much appreciated . Let’s #CelebrateNurses.

  11. Thank you Nurses for all your hard work throughout the year especially your dedication and commitment throughout the Beast from the East all your work is greatly appreciated #CelebrateNurses

  12. Thanks to the nurses that give 100% to there jobs it’s hard work And long hours they put in to help others .

  13. Nurse I Want to Thank/ Medical Facility:: Samantha Hudson, Cardio-Thoracic Nurse Practitioner, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
    I love this woman because she’s my wife, but she’s also an amazing and determined nurse who has worked so hard throughout her varied nursing career to ultimately become a Nurse Practitioner. She’s intelligent, caring, hard working and totally devoted to The care of her patients. She inspires me everyday and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to have her in my life.

  14. I would like to thank all the midwives at the Coombe who were fantastic during my labour to my daughter. They made me feel very relaxed and helped bring my baby safely into which I cannot thank enough them enough for xxXXxx ❤️❤️❤️

  15. To all the nurses who have battled through the snow THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your dedication to your work and your patients is very much appreciated. You are the back bone of our health service and without you it would be in a worse state than it is currently.

  16. “They go the extra mile for patient care” – another reason why our nurses are superheroes! #IND2017 #celebratenurses #nursesuperheroes

  17. Thanks to all the Nurses to help me with my mummy! Even if it’s just sitting with her while I run off to have a wee cry! xo

  18. I would like to thank all nurses for their hard work, but i would like to give special thanks to the wonderful staff of St Brendans ward in the Bons Secour Cork who were beyond amazing to my father and to us for his last days. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts💛

  19. Thank you to all the Nurses for your undivided loving and careing that you give all year round. Ye truly are not thanked enough or paid enough for d wonderful job ye do. How lucky we and the doctors are to have ye .

  20. Thanks to all the wonderful nurses who do such a great job, have witnessed it first hand with my brother who has had spinal surgery.

  21. Thanks to all the amazing nurses I’ve worked with over the years both at home and abroad, you do an amazing job and should be so proud of yourselves! We wouldn’t survive without all your hard work and dedication #celebratenurses

  22. I would like to thank all the nurses on the crampton ward at tallaght hospital but most of all gladys she was an amazing help to us with our father at the end of his days will always remember them and her fondly thankyou so much

  23. To mark this special week, we would like to offer nurses and midwives a free and unique presentation on *CareGivers*. It might help to hear that you have the MOST STRESSFUL job of all !! We can meet you in Inchicore Dublin 8 or any place – and time – you choose. THANK YOU for everything you do.

  24. Thank you to all the Nurses out there , you’s do fantastic work for you on a daily basis. We all appreciate it .Keep up the great work ❤ xxx

  25. Although it’s 18 years ago. I never got to thank the nurses of the mater hospital . Who look after my mother in her last hours. But also for been so helpful ,kind and compassion to us in the time after my mam’s passing .

  26. Thanks for amazing competition truly love it for my amazing adorable kind hearted funny 74 year old That help me looked after my late daddy Micheal for ten years at home with Alzheimer’s she amazing Lady my best friend my hero its mums 52 th wedding anniversary coming up truly love to surprise mum hoping wishing praying xx

  27. Jack & Jill nurses keen to #CelebrateNurses 4 International Nurses Week, with Big Thank to nurses who’ve cared for 2300 children since 1997

  28. thanks for amazing competition truly love it for my amazing adorable kind hearted funny 74 year old That help me looked after my late daddy Micheal for ten years at home with Alzheimer’s she amazing Lady my best friend my hero its mums 52 th wedding anniversary coming up truly love to surprise mum hoping wishing praying xx

  29. Trying to leave a comment on post , am care assistant who worked with a great bunch of nurses today in CUISLE ward , st Patrick’s hosp . Fermoy , v v busy but such a productive day and so calm , thank u all nurses xx

  30. Thanking all the nurses for all your hard work, ye worked long hours and deserve huge recognition for the great care you give. #celebratenurses

  31. Nurses are the heart of our healthcare system without them we would be lost they work long hours with bad pay in comparison to other countries, I just wish we could keep our Irish nurses at home such a pity they have to leave to get better working conditions and pay abroad

  32. Celebrating our nurses in the run up to #IND2017 #NursesWeek #nurseheroes #celebratenurses

  33. It’s #InternationalNursesDay May 12th. Get involved & show your support for our over worked and underpaid nurses. #celebratenurses @3QTEMPS

  34. To all the staff in all of the Sonas Nursing Homes located in Athlone, Enniscrone, Cloverhill, Ballina, Belmullet, Tullow and Clonmel, your hard work and dedication is inspiring!

  35. To all the amazing nurses out their. They are fantastic the way they treat , care, and look after their patients and also the long hours they work and how they work over Christmas and bank holidays.
    They are doing a fantastic job.
    Nurses are Awsome.

  36. International nurses week #caring #kindness #highly educated #celebratenurses @TempleStreetHos #Proud

  37. Nurses do amazing work my late parents couldn’t praise them enough #celebrateNurses

  38. Happy Nurses Week 2017 🙂 #NursesWeek2017 #nursepractitioner #celebratenurses #thankyou #NursesWeek

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