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Want your “Thank You” counted? Leave your message of thanks here, use the #CelebrateNurses on social media or check out the #ThankYou messages others have left. 

Write a thank you note, tweet, poem or essay, draw or paint a picture, Upload photos – whatever way you want to express your positive recognition of nurses – just add #CelebrateNurses to your creative endeavours.

We are delighted to have the support of Dessie Eillis – TD for Dublin North West for our 2022 #CelebrateNurses campaign. Leave your messages of thanks below to be included in our 2022 #CelebrateNurses E-book.

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  1. I would like to thank the nurses on oncology ward in St. Vincent’s for all their help over the years. They are fantastic.

  2. Thanks to all the nurses in Temple Street Hospital who helped me when my child stopped breathing…. without your help she might not be here today. Thanks a lot

  3. To all the nurses in Cappagh Hospital who looked after me from the age of 3-16 while I lived there, thank you. Thank you for been a nurse, a listener and for been a friend.

  4. Thank you to the nurses from National Maternity Hospital from Holles Street who helped my friend through the delivery of her lovely Emma. They have been there all the way. Thank you for your dedication.

  5. Thank you to the nurses from Mater Hospital for being so good to me when I needed. Their work is amazing!

  6. Thank you for all the nurses from Medlife Clinic from Bucharest who helped me when I got my operation few years ago. They took care of me and comfort me not only as a nurse but also as a friend.

  7. Thank you for all the Super Nurses in Beaumont Hospital. You’re all living saints. Thanks for all you do every moment of every day.

  8. Thank you for all the nurses who do everything behind the scenes like prepping patients for surgeries and and getting their patients to feel more relaxed. Its really appreciated how much you put in for all of us ” A nurse will always give us hope like an angel with a stethoscope “

  9. Thank you to all the volunteer nurses who spend their lunch time playing with the kids in Temple Street Hospital. #TempleStreet #fun #thankyou

  10. Just want to say a big Thank You to all the Nurses whom cared for My Mammy! While she was resident in Nenagh for 10 weeks last year 2018… you not only cared for her but also looked after all of us and even rush to our assistants when my Dad took a turn while visiting my mother even thou you don’t have the facilities, at all, you got him stable and got him to Limerick and during this time you every Nurse comforted us and kept the younger children occupied while we were in shock And when I met one of the staff in February this year I just said “Oh you looked after my mother and I just wanted to say thank you” she smiled and asked me how she was doing and even remembered her full name, I couldn’t believe it with all the patients she had dealt with since she remembered “MyMammy” You are not only Medical Staff you are Counsellors and entertainers when needed So I just want to say a Big Thank You xxx

  11. Thank you so much to 2 very professional and wonderful nurses on the Children’s Ward in Cork University Hospital. Their communication skills meant a more relaxed stay for us with our son last year. They explained every step of every process of his admission and gave simple and easy information and supportive advise for us for any future episodes. For us this meant we felt save in an environment that is often quite chaotic and frightening. Thank you 😊

  12. Thanking all my colleagues who were a great support durning my illness keep up the good work Nurses are fantastic

  13. To all nurses around the world, Happy International Nurses!!!..💐💐💐.. Thank You!

  14. A big thank you to all the caring nurses who took care of me in Blackrock Clinic last December when I had my appendix removed. Everything you did for me is very much appreciated and you are all great.

  15. Thanks to atricia Burke, Maeve, Sandra Betty, Patricia Stokes, Caroline Lane and Declan Mulvey / Peamount Healthcare Newcastle Dublin .
    Thank you so much for being my mentors and teaching me to be humble.

  16. Thanks to all the gang at PICU ward in GOSH for all the hard work and long hours they do. Nursing is a vocation and they always provide the best care possible to all the patients. They manage to have a calming effect on their extended families and friends who may be in to visit these very sick children. Thank You

  17. A million thanks to all the nurses in portlaoise hospital who over the years looked after my family and to my daughter who chose this profession I salute you

  18. Words will never describe the job a nurse undertakes each and every day.
    Karen in the nurse manager in St. Joseph’s ward Crumlin. And she is an absolute Angel.
    Thank you to all the nurses!!

  19. To all our #nurses – thank you for chossing this career path, for excelling in the care you deliver amidst the difficulties of our healthcare system, thank you for always investing time in your patients and with their families. My niece spent a number of weeks being cared for by the lovely nurses in #CrumlinChildren’sHospital and told her mummy that ‘I am going to be a nurse when I grow up’ and I am going to work in Crumlin’

  20. Thank you for all that you do every day, to bring new life into this world. You are an amazing Nurse and amazing person.

    You work long shifts, day or night to stay with each mother on her journey to motherhood.

    Having a baby can be scary, you’re a mother yourself, you’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt and so through the tears and fears, you ease their thoughts.

    You deserve a great big thank you, for all the care you give to mothers and their babies.

  21. Working with nurses has been an honor this last year. My admiration has grown so much for people whose career centers around helping others. Thank you for all you do!

  22. When my baby brother was younger he was in and out of Crumlin hospital quite a few times due to his severe nut allergy at the time. It was always so scary when he was rushed to the hospital! I’d like to thank the nurses for helping him in every way they could and for making him feel more at ease 🙂

  23. To all the nurses in the Coombe especially in 2015 when I found myself there for 5/6 weeks! Especially bronagh who kept me sane . I am very grateful for the work you do , it’s very hard work and I for one appreciate you all.

  24. Thanks to all the nurses in Connolly Hospital for looking after my husband when he had a medical emergency when I was overseas.

  25. Thank you for working tirelessly (day and night), to save lives, provide comfort and teach us how to care for ourselves and the ones we love!

  26. Thank you to all the Nurses out there , you’s do fantastic work for you on a daily basis. We all appreciate it !!

  27. I would like to thank all the nurse in Temple street for been their for me and my mom and dad, they work so hard and try keep all the children happy
    Thanks Chloe

  28. Thanks to all the Nurses in Naas General hospital who have been always doing their best and always putting a happy face on even when the days are so tough.
    Thank you one and all

  29. Thanks to all nurses for all the great job and all the sacrifices they are doing. You’re all amazing ❤️

  30. Thank you very much to all nurses for their hard work.
    Thank you for how they took care of my mother 💋

  31. A special word of thanksto all nurses, but especially palliative care nurses who do an amazing job caring for the patient but who also take the time to care for the family involved.

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